Saturday, October 05, 2013

MALLORCA TODAY - Weather Alcúdia and Pollensa 5 October 2013

No Frills Excursions

Morning high (7.15am): 23C
Forecast high: 27C
Sea conditions (northern Mallorca; Alcúdia and Pollensa bays): Southwest 3 to 4 backing Northwest and North to Northeast 4. Showers and possible storm.

Broken skies after another muggy night. Rain likely and the marine forecast suggests there might be a storm around. Tomorrow looks wetter and cooler.

Evening update (19.00): No sign of any rain today but a definite change. A high of 26.7C but none of the heaviness of the past few days. Quite pleasant really. The sea has been churning up and there is a chilly wind coming in from the sea. Rain still on the cards for tomorrow.

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