Friday, September 06, 2013

The Best Little Whorehouse In Muro

Burt Reynolds played Sheriff Ed Earl. Dolly Parton was Miss Mona. The brothel was known as the Chicken Ranch. It was the best little whorehouse in Texas. It was illegal, but because Burt and Dolly (Ed and Mona) had a thing going on, Ed took no notice. Mona ran the Chicken Ranch.

In Muro there is a finca house called La Barraca. It doesn't mean Chicken Ranch. It means barrack, or it can also mean shack. Chicken Shack perhaps. There aren't, as a rule, people called Ed or Mona or Burt or Dolly in Muro. (Actually, Dolly, as in Dolores, I'll give you.) There isn't a town sheriff as such, though there is a mayor. He's called Martí. He isn't played by Burt Reynolds.

Martí doesn't know what goes on at Chicken Shack. There is no record of a commercial activity registered there, he says. Neighbours reckon they know what goes on. Cars come and go at night. There is a business card. It has a photo of a horse mounting another horse. Chicken Shack isn't a stables though.

The Chicken Shack opened - if opened is the right word, because there is of course no record of a business there - on the day of Santa Margalida. Very religious. In the short time that it has been "open", there have been inspections and even a visit from the marshals of the Guardia Civil. A neighbour had complained. Despite these inspections and visit, Martí still says that it has not been possible to confirm what, if any, business activity is going on at Chicken Shack. But the deputies have been instructed to keep a lookout.

Even if the local politicians are saying nothing or saying very little, neighbours along the "camino" Ses Barraquetes (little shacks) are speaking of little else other than the whorehouse. Neighbours on the street called Organist Rafel Femenías are speaking of little else other than an increase in traffic and in incidents. They would like there to be some signposting. Drivers are driving around not sure where they should be going. To find Chicken Shack, one presumes.

It is doubtful there will be any signs, but for those drivers who might be experiencing some difficulty in locating the brothel (alleged brothel), reports have been quite helpful. Head out on a rural road in the direction of the sewage plant. Somewhere out there is the best little whorehouse in Muro. But not according to the mayor.

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