Sunday, September 29, 2013

MALLORCA TODAY - Annual fee for Puerto Pollensa yacht club rises from 22,000 euros

The Royal Yacht Club at Puerto Pollensa has been hit by a rise in the annual fee charged by the ministry of tourism and sport from 22,000 euros to 280,000 euros. The yacht club's president considers the rise to be disproportionate and not in line with legal criteria.

(Apologies; I said rise of 22,000; should have been from - now corrected and now an awful lot worse!)

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Son Fe Mick said...

Morning Andrew
Since I moved to Mallorca 18 months ago I have been overcharged by builders, denounced by a mad neighbour, taken to court (and found innocent), my palm trees are being attacked by beetles, I bought a boat that keeps going wrong and my mother has died.
Or put another way I have reformed my house which is now fantastic, the garden is amazing with lots of new palms, I've met a lot of really good friends one of whom is a neighbour, met some challenges and won, sailed around Mallorca and Menorca and had a wonderful time, had a great 90th party with my mum before she passed away peacefully and my wife and I are having a great retirement with lots of parties, one of which you came to recently!
Lets have some uplifting good news stories on Sundays or you wont get an invite to the next party
Keep up the good work.

andrew said...

Mick, I shall make a note that Sundays are for uplifting stories (though I'll probably forget). Here's one for today; the largest ever demonstration in the history of Mallorca going on in Palma. Oops, sorry.