Saturday, April 06, 2013

MALLORCA TODAY - Weather Alcúdia and Pollensa 6 April 2013

No Frills Excursions

Morning high (8.45am): 8.5C
Forecast high: 15C
Sea conditions (northern Mallorca; Alcúdia and Pollensa bays): North 6 to 7, easing through the morning to 4 to 5 rising to Northwest 5 to 6 by the evening. Swells increasing to two metres and possible storms.

Rain overnight and more rain around this morning. Due to clear up to some extent later. Still rough around the coasts, but warmer tomorrow and by midweek getting well into the twenties.

Afternoon update (17.45): The sun came out, as had been hoped, but really quite cool, a high of just over 13 degrees inland and a tad lower on the coast.

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