Saturday, April 27, 2013

MALLORCA TODAY - Weather Alcúdia and Pollensa 27 April 2013

No Frills Excursions

Morning high (9.15am): 13C
Forecast high: 19C
Sea conditions (northern Mallorca; Alcúdia and Pollensa bays): Variable 2 reaching Northeast 3 and by the afternoon 5 to 6 with swells increasing to two metres.

Cloudy again and rain likely at any time. Wind increasing this afternoon and creating rough coastal conditions, continuing into tomorrow and Monday. No let-up in the grey weather through the weekend. Starting to clear by Tuesday.

Evening update (20.00): Well, a pretty unpleasant day. Light rain became heavier rain for a while, no sun and the temperature has dived. A high of 15.8C (Playa de Muro) down to a general 11 degrees or so. 

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