Thursday, April 21, 2011

MALLORCA TODAY - Weather Alcúdia and Pollensa 21 April 2011

The outlook for today was accurate in that it is very cloudy. There may be some sun (it is in the forecast), but there is no sign at the moment, though at present it hasn't rained. Certainly not cold however. Temperatures as of 08.30: Alcúdia/Playa de Muro, 16.4 C, Pollensa, 14.9 C, Puerto Pollensa, 16.7 C.

Well, so much for the rain, as there hasn't been any. Yet. It has been cloudy all day with periods of relative brightness, but no sun as such. Highs in the area, to 18.00, have been 17.7 C in Alcúdia/Playa de Muro, 15.9 C in Pollensa and 17.3 C in Puerto Pollensa.

Nothing much has changed where the forecast is concerned. Saturday and Easter Sunday still look like cloud and a high risk of rain. Tomorrow, there is also the risk of rain, but there may also be some sun around. Temperatures could reach 20, but it's unlikely.

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