Monday, March 05, 2007

Our Mutual Friend

And so, just continuing with headlines of a literary nature (the last one was from Ian McEwan plus a “dis” - if you get my drift), the “friend” referred to in the previous entry turned up today. His “mutuality” stems from the fact both I and James (and Karen) from Foxes know him as well. And this is a roundabout way of giving James a name-check, because he wanted one. No sooner asked, than done, James.

But there’s more. The mutual friend still suffers from this apparent rip-off by a business transfer agency. From my admittedly limited dealings with such agencies on the island, I cannot believe that they would practise what is a form of gazumping. Were I a vendor, and the agency did that to a prospective purchaser, I’d tell them to sling their hook.

Apparently the agency expressed a degree of relief when the friend said, on learning that the price had gone up, he wasn’t interested any longer. Their reasoning; we can keep the money.

I know who they are. I’m not saying, but I know. There’ll be something; there’s always something. Like another friend who stood to lose a cool sixty-odd thousand as a deposit on a property in the south of the mainland (that was never seemingly going to come to fruition). He wanted his money back. Consult a lawyer, was the response. None of the lawyers in the vicinity was interested; friends, you see. So, he found a blog. Others had had the same problem. There was a lawyer away from the area. She took up the case. He got his money back.

There’s always something. Nowadays, there’s always something. Look out.

Weather watch: yesterday was ludicrously hot. 25 degrees, word had it. Changed today, but, hell, 25 degrees in the first week of March. Global warming? Nah, just one of those things.

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