Saturday, February 26, 2011

MALLORCA TODAY - Operación Picnic and the Unió Mallorquina raids

Yesterday's raids on the headquarters of the Unió Mallorquina party and the IMFOF (the municipal institute in Palma for occupational development) have led to three people being arrested thus far. The police searches, under the supervision of a judge and anti-corruption prosecutors, were made primarily in relation to allegations of irregularities in obtaining votes with public money. This latest operation is called Picnic on account of free excursions that were given to those who signed up to an affiliation to the party. The excursions and picnics that were offered were allegedly paid for out of public funds, while they were organised through the environment department of Palma town hall.

The UM, which has been the subject of several recent corruption cases, had hoped to put the past behind it. The party had tried to change its image cosmetically by adopting a new logo. It had ruled out a new name, but this, in light of Operación Picnic, seems more likely, and an urgent meeting to discuss a name change has been called for Monday.

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