Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Piccadilly Collection

Weather panic over. After the early arrival of November last week, summer is back, so much so that the summer’s high was recorded in Sa Pobla yesterday - 36.4, or around 98 in old money. The sky has assumed the grey-blue that is indicative of late summer Mallorca heat. Haze. There’s another storm on the way, I’d wager.

Seasoned readers among you may recall a piece about “English” products at the Eroski Syp supermarket (17 April 2007, “I’m Jake (Or José) The Peg). There was a special promotional day, about which I had to say (amongst other things): “On the display are – amongst other items worthy of avoiding – … Hula-Hoops. Yes, Hula-Hoops. The crème de la crème of English products, the Hula-Hoop.” Well, the Hula-Hoop is clearly in great demand, as Eroski is now saying that sale of British (the union seems now to have been made) products is up by 10% this July and August. Can’t say I can be counted among that 10%. These British products. They tend to put them on separate displays with strings of Union Jacks, the “them” predominantly being bottles of Sharwood’s curry sauces. Very British. If they want to do something really useful, they could get some decent bacon or mince. Meantime, get yourselves down to Steve and Urbano at Little Britain in Puerto Alcúdia. Now they really do have British products.

Is Mallorca about to become the new Dubai? Soller, which has been undergoing something of a boutique-isation, is set to be the site for the most luxurious hotel in Spain. The company behind the 7-star Burj-al-Arab hotel in Dubai is due to manage the converted Sa Talaia complex. Well, great. But will they be having Elvis acts, karaoke and Supergirl? Bet they don’t. So the guests will have to get themselves over to Alcúdia. Get themselves down the Greasy Mile. Here’s where they should go - BAR OF THE WEEK - PICCADILLY:

Where: Avda. Pedro Más y Reus, opposite Bellevue.

What: 08:00-09:00 - face painting and kids’ colouring-in; 09:00-10:00 - children’s games and prizes with Supergirl; 10:00-11:00 - music quiz for the adults and drawing competition for the kids; 11:00 - karaoke , and on ...with dressing-up of kids and adults.

When: Every evening/night 20:00-03:00.

Who: Ben and Sara are the entertainers.

Why: Good old family fun and entertainment courtesy of two of Alcúdia’s best-known, popular and hard-working entertainers.

Is there a website? Yes, there is Ben’s own site linked here (check the links list).

(Thanks to Ben for permission to use the photo.)

Last night I was at the Piccadilly. It wasn’t that late but Ben was sweating his cobs off already. It’s hard work this entertaining caper, you know. Anyway, what’s all this with a music quiz? Whoever heard of such a thing? I really screwed up on the skittles, having been keen to win my glow-band, but now I realise the best technique is to just welly the ball. Forget back-spin or doosras or such things.

Just one other point. The Piccadilly’s right at the end of the Greasy Mile. I hadn’t appreciated until last night, wandering between the bar and The Red Lion at the Siestas, just how dark it is down there. The wilderness that was once Tropical Minigolf has made it so. It’s a great shame that such a large site should have been closed for two years, but that’s probably the nub of it. It is a large site and it is also “green” - can’t be built on.

Yesterday - no, not The Beautiful South but The Housemartins “Build”. Today’s title is the name of an album by ...?


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