Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Always Take The Weather With You

A mother and father of a downpour this morning, following a drab yesterday. Maybe the late-summer storms are here already. Whatever.

Weather. If there is one thing that people want to know about, it is the weather. “What’s the weather like in (choose your month)...?” I get it all the time, and all I can do is say what it was like last year. Go to various sites, and you’ll find all manner of pretty useless information. “I was in Alcúdia/Pollensa/Can Picafort (choose as applicable) 15 years ago, and it ...”. But even last year means little. There is no certainty with the weather, and the forecasts can be misleading. True, the storm today was on the cards, but you would have thought - from the forecast - that it would be like that all day. It’s been great.

I understand all the fretting about the weather. However stoic one might be, however much one might say, “oh well we can always go to the bar”, if the sun don’t shine, one is mightily hacked off. It’s what people come for after all. And then when the weather is lousy, as it was yesterday, the car-hire offices are packed and the bus stops as busy as Arab bazaars. But you can bet that all those people trying to get a Scenic for the day would rather have had a view from the beach than that of scenic countryside.

Among those who have come through on the email is Ren Powell, who contacted me about the Patrona fiesta in Pollensa. Anyway, upshot of all this is that she has sent me some photos of the event, and very good they are, too. So, here are a couple. Thanks very much, Ren.

Yesterday - Blur. Today’s title? Easy.


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