Wednesday, July 25, 2007

With A Little Help

Yea, now they’re all getting in on the pop quiz idea. “The Bulletin” today offers tickets to Joe Cocker in Palma if you can answer a Cocker-related question, the answer to which is Ringo Starr. That answer - along with today’s title - will tell you what the question was.

But this leads me to ... A couple of days ago I chronicled an email exchange there had been on Help. Yes, we help. In the words of the BBC’s one-time slogan: “It’s What We Do”. Going on in the background. On the different sites, especially Someone wanted to book for Sunwing in Alcúdia. Couldn’t get an English website. We went. Asked. Got the address. But you can’t book unless you’re Scandinavian. Shame. I can think of some hotels in Alcúdia that I would prefer to have a weekend with the Taliban than stay at. But Sunwing isn’t one of them.

Someone was concerned there was no air-conditioning at their hotel. This surprised us. We went and asked. There is air-con in all rooms at the Sol de Alcúdia.

Someone wanted advice as to where to stay. Had a specific enquiry about the Carabela Apartments. We went. Found the block in question needed some refurb and was next to the rubbish area. She chose the Venecia instead.

Someone wanted an interior hotel with a pool. We checked. Got them a fortnight at Posada de Lluc.

Someone was arriving at midnight at the airport. We put them in touch with Majorca Airport Transfers. “They are great to deal with.” Not our words.

Someone asked ... Well, there are plenty more where these came from.

With a little help. Doesn’t earn a cent. But, boy, is it satisfying.

Anyway, Joe Cocker. Give me Jarvis instead any day, but needs must ... What was the name of the group fronted by Joe in the mid-60s before he got by with a little help from his friends? Yesterday: Dick Van Dyke ok, but David Tomlinson was the main chap, "Mary Poppins" the film.


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