Friday, July 20, 2007

Here Comes A Hurricane

Yet more climate change worry. Last week’s “The Sunday Times” carried a report about the Mediterranean becoming a hurricane zone. All to do with the sea warming. Naturally, this could have serious consequences for Mallorca, as could other aspects of climate change that I have noted in the past on this blog.

But there is a greater concern than the mere environmental impact. If the Spanish weather authorities were to need to name hurricanes in the style of the Americans, they would run out of names. Unlike the UK and the USA where you can, more or less, inflict any embarrassing name you like on your offspring, in Spain you can’t. There are only so many names that can be used. Accordingly, you couldn’t force your child to suffer a lifetime of shame by calling them “Moon Rocket” or “Dog Breath”, or some such. Ever wondered why ever other male in Spain is called Juan or Pedro? Well, now you know. I guess they could increase the pool by using Catalan versions, e.g. Joan or Pere, but they would soon run into problems with certain letters, like K for instance. No Kylie, Kayleigh or Keanu for the Spanish. Kike, and that’s about your lot (and even that comes from Enrique).

So one can but hope that, for the sake of Spanish children in generations to come, hurricanes do not occur, or they might just have to change the naming rules.

Quiz: Last time’s answer - The Rolling Stones, “I Wanna Be Your Man”. Today - the title comes from a song by which Scottish rock band? And a secondary hurricane question. He worked (as engineer and producer) with two massive groups in the ‘60s and had his own hits as a singer. Who was he?


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