Saturday, February 24, 2007


There was this piece of glass. Quite a big piece. It was lying on the lawn. What some people will chuck into a garden, I thought huffily as I walked from the car. And then I saw.

Later, that evening in fact, I found what was like a jemmy. It was on the low wall in the front of my neighbour’s house. That must have been it. The Guardia Civil officer had been unclear as to how the shutter had been ripped open.

He had parked his vehicle by where I later found the jemmy. He also didn’t notice the traces of blood on the net curtain. Or maybe he had. I didn’t notice them till later. Entering and exiting through a broken window could draw blood; it could also make a piece of glass get entangled in clothing. But when you have a small bag with an expensive digital camera, maybe you don’t worry too much. What do I know?

That was all. Just the camera, and roughly five euros in loose change. To whoever it was. Tough shit, arsehole. Don’t bother in future. There ain’t no money here.

Crime. Yes, there is. The lady officer at the Guardia the next day said it does tend to be like this as the season approaches. People arriving, looking for work, not having any money. Maybe that’s what she meant. What do I know?

Well, I do know that all my immediate neighbours have had the same problem. And now so had I. Life in Mallorca.

Nicer stuff. There’s another blog in Alcúdia. It’s originator is Trevor from the fine Café La Sala in the old town. Check it out. All about the café. Link can be found in the links list. Oh, nice photos of the café, Trev.

First lilywhite body of the season. The really rather warm weather produced it. Chap, purplish shorts, white legs, white torso, walking along the paseo in Puerto Alcúdia. And there was I in jacket, shirt and t-shirt beneath the shirt.

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