Monday, February 05, 2007

Abracadabra ..

It seems so long ... Silence from your favourite blog for too long. It’s a quiet time of year. It’s quiet, unremarkable; like the weather. It’s time for spending a bit too much time over a coffee in cafés. But it’s a time for gathering some interesting bits of information. Here are some ...

All-inclusives ... chastened perhaps by the all-day and all-night drunkenness, shitting in the pools and whatever, the Mac hotels in Puerto Alcúdia have dropped the 24-hour all-inclusivity. Let’s see. But also, in the more genteel Playa de Muro, both La Dorada and the Esperanza have dropped the all-inclusive offer. Good for local businesses, especially as Grupo Boulevard’s glass edifice comes closer to opening - Dakota Tex-Mex, Gran Cafe and all.

And now for something completely different ... You don’t get too much that is different here. A bar is a bar is a bar, and Elvis impersonator is .... (fill in the rest). So a different form of evening entertainment - in Puerto Alcúdia - is to be noted. Abranaxus opened some two to three months back. It’s run by a chap called Felipe. It’s a bar, but the difference is that he does magic shows. He showed me some card tricks today. No way could I say how he did them. He has this small show area, with a camera showing his hands onto a screen. It’s a good idea. I hope he does well.

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