Thursday, December 07, 2006

Weather / Air tax

Well disappointingly, my prediction of “The Bulletin’s” headline proved inaccurate. There again, the main force of the storm was felt in the north, not in the south, i.e. Palma. And given the Palma-centric nature of the local media ...

The front page was given over to apparent anger at Gordon Brown’s announcement of an increase in air tax. For instance, British Airways call it “a blunt instrument”, while an Easyjet spokesperson was on Five Live yesterday, saying that it fails to take account of cleaner aircraft. Well yes maybe, but this is something we are going to have get used to I’m afraid. I doubt that a five-quid hike in tax will deter people from coming to Mallorca, but it may reduce their spend a bit more - which ain’t such great news. What the taxman taketh away, he taketh away from something else as well.

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