Thursday, January 04, 2018

Some Of What They Said In 2017

Environmentalists Terraferida on tourism: "Not setting a clear ceiling on places and leaving the door open to increasing the number of places represents a tourism policy of 'massification', which neglects the limits of natural resources, infrastructures, the true carrying capacities of the land, the well-being of the resident population and the satisfaction of visitors."

Laura Camargo of Podemos, indignant at Aena’s plans to have planes landing every 45 seconds at Palma airport. "We have been talking about the dangers of this tourism bubble for years. We don’t want to simply be a colony of hotels, and that is exactly what Aena is planning on transforming the island into."

"An example of a German air of superiority," Inma Benito, president of the Mallorca Hoteliers Federation. "A tourism dinosaur," Antoni Horrach, the director-general of HM Hotels. Both were attacking Tui over statements that German families, despite the terrorism problems, would opt for Egypt rather than Mallorca.

Biel Barceló: "We cannot grow more in the summer. For this reason we have to devote our efforts to shifting tourism from the summer to the winter."

"We are going crazy looking for places. In the end, they are forced into sharing a place between three or four, if they can find it." Police union leader on the problems of accommodation in Mallorca.

Álvaro Gijón of the PP on the holiday rentals legislation: "There is absolute confusion. It depends on the day and who speaks. Looking at what is in the new legislation, one doesn't know what the government intends doing."

"The holiday rentals law is a Frankenstein. It cannot stay as it is." Biel Barceló after Podemos had amended the legislation.

The Mallorca Farmers Union on national government flood aid: "It's having a laugh."

Alberto Jarabo
of Podemos on suggestions that Baltasar Picornell's background as a metalworker wasn't suitable for a speaker of the Balearic parliament: "I believe that this is a very dignified profession for a president of parliament."

Albert Rivera, president of Ciudadanos, on the Nóos trial verdicts: "I hope that in this country, whether you are Urdangarin or Matas, justice acts the same for all. We have endured years during which corruption has taken its toll, and now is the time to clean up the wounds of that corruption."

"Thief." "Return the money." Cries when Iñaki Urdangarin arrived at court to hear he could remain at liberty without standing bail.

David Abril of Més: "We criticised the Nóos trial ruling because the princess was inexplicably freed from her responsibilities. Now there is also confirmation that her husband benefits from this favourable treatment."

Pedro Horrach, anti-corruption prosecutor, on the stresses of the job in Mallorca: "The pressure is intensified in small regions such as the Balearics. It shows up very much more; you have to learn to live with it."

"It is totally false. I do not know Sr. Cursach. I have never sat down with him, and no one from the Cursach group has ever come to me in order to ask for something. I have done absolutely nothing to benefit the Cursach group." Former Palma deputy mayor Álvaro Gijón on allegations.

José María Rodríguez, the ex-president of the Partido Popular in Palma, on similar allegations related to the Cursach case: "I have never ever been to a brothel ... and I have never taken drugs."

"This is Syria and there are going to be shots. If I were you, I'd go." What Pepe Tirado of the Acotur tourist businesses association was alleged to have said to a witness who had complained to Tirado about harassment by Grupo Cursach. (Tirado was arrested and later released.)

"It is a campaign by a dangerous criminal organisation aimed at exhausting us physically and psychologically." Judge Manuel Penalva on the pressures of the Cursach and police corruption investigations.

Ruth Mateu, the minister for transparency, who resigned over the Més contracts affair: "I am ultimately responsible for the department and I cannot avoid accepting responsibilities."

"So long as the investigation goes on, he will be in the spotlight, and that is not good for the government's image." Alberto Jarabo insisting that Biel Barceló should resign over the Més contracts affair.

"Many words, many suspicions, but you have no proof of anything you have said." Biel Barceló responding to Antonio Gómez of the PP on the contracts affair.

"They knew what they were doing. Killing people, killing rights, killing liberties, killing the country." Campaigner Margalida Gelabert referring to the actions of Nationalists during the Civil War.

"Eighty years on, Palma will once more have a Republican mayor." Antoni Noguera of Més on succeeding José Hila (PSOE).

"An open-air disco with music at full blast, high consumption of alcohol and totally unruly behaviour." Més at Capdepera town hall on young German tourists in Cala Ratjada.

Alfonso Rodríguez, the mayor of Calvia: "We cannot have tourists who are provided with alcohol, be it free or cheap, for a seventeen-hour period and who are then totally drunk on the streets."

"I did not appreciate the impact it would have. That was my mistake. I had become an easy target for the opposition." Biel Barceló on his resignation.

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