Monday, September 25, 2017

Dave's Days Of Independence

Weeks don't really get much better for a staunch Mallorcan left-wing eco-nationalist than last week's did for David Abril, Wild Man Més. The party's political council was letting it be known that next month's general assembly will be presenting some sort of roadmap for Mallorcan independence within thirteen years, an aim that Dave, as joint parliamentary spokesperson and Més über-strategist, is only too delighted to push.

Meanwhile, he was being pulled up by the PP for having described as "neo-fascist" a PP summit that was scheduled for yesterday in Palma and which Mariano Rajoy would be attending. The PP's Biel Company called for him to resign and the party took the matter to the parliament's governing board. It boldly, with the exception of Més representatives, decided that it rejected Abril's observation. He was doubtless totally unconcerned by the reproach and perhaps more put out by Company having said that he spoke for a "minority party" that wishes to disrupt the tranquility and common sense of Balearic citizens.

But tranquility was clearly on Dave's mind when he came up with the wheeze for all sunloungers and chiringuito bars to be banned from the island's beaches. The tranquility would be such that the few remaining tourists who had not been deterred by Mésite anti-saturation fervour would resign themselves to having to go somewhere else to pay 20 odd euros for the privilege of not sitting on a towel right on the sand.

This was really the latest in a list of initiatives that Dave has been coming up with to lay the foundations for that independence roadmap. In addition to acquiring powers for managing the island's beaches from the Costas (under the control of neo-fascists no doubt), Dave has previously, for example, floated the idea of the Balearics having their own police force. It would be in the style of the Mossos in Catalonia, where all last week's shenanigans would have been manna from sovereignty heaven for Dave and what might be termed Agenda 2030.

Dave, whose oeuvre "Repensem Mallorca (rethinking Mallorca): de l’especulació a la construcció de la dignitat" (2015) might be said to act as a strategy document for Més (tourism policies and all), was once a member of the United Left. He abandoned this party, sometimes described as being communist, along with the motherly Fina Santiago. And she, Fina, looks set to run as presidential candidate for Més in 2019. In fact, and adding to Dave's good week, this was as good as decided last weekend.

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