Monday, July 18, 2016

The Mistrust In The Balearic Government

President Armengol is, you feel, clinging on to her post by her fingertips. She's been one of those haranguing Pedro Sánchez into not making any sort of agreement with Rajoy and the PP: it would surely be the end for her, if he were to. Her claims for there to be stable government in the Balearics have long sounded like whistling in the dark to keep up spirits, but with PSOE so wounded, with Sánchez seemingly not knowing which way to turn, the knives are being sharpened.

Alberto Jarabo of Podemos said last week that the "mistrust" of PSOE in the Balearic government remains. What a telling statement, and it has always been there. It was this mistrust that led Podemos to not formally join the government. Podemos has been doing very nicely thank you by being outside government: electorally at any rate, if, that is, one subscribes to the view - which I do - that the alliance with Més at the June election resulted in the total destruction of the Més vote.

Never slow to look for a weak president who can be manipulated, Jarabo hopes that one day Biel Barceló of Més will take over from Armengol. Of course he hopes this, given that Més has seen its support disappear. They're a crafty lot, Podemos.

How is it, though, that there can be an administration built on a lack of trust? Easily, it seems, so long as you are Podemos and willing to pull strings without assuming direct accountability and therefore being contrary to your own political philosophy. Mistrust. Jarabo has said it. We've known all along.

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