Monday, December 14, 2015

There's A Starman Waiting In The Sky

It isn't known if Pablo Iglesias's mother was conceived immaculately, but on the immaculate day (last Tuesday) the Second Coming was heralded in the manger of the Palma Arena. There were no swaddling clothes for Pablo; rather the typical, non-descript colour shirt which seems to be the only one he possesses. Into the arena trooped the five thousand. And lo, for it was good and he didst come among them. The uncorrupt (through birth) of the Son of the All Righteous dispensed fish and loaves bearing no stain. The apostles applauded, and so did the five thousand. The Bishop of Mallorca was in hiding and not just because a naughty vicar-type story was leaking out. The walls of the Moncloa Jericho will come tumbling down.

One felt almost sorry for the Balearic Podemista apostles - Dave Spart, The Boot Girl, Xe-Lo and Here Come Da Judge. In this consensual, participatory and egalitarian new age of the citizens, there are citizens who are first among equals and none more so than Paul Churches, the higher authority condemning a malevolent collective Citizen Cain to the fires of the hell of the corrupt. Cain, so they say, was of Satanic origin. He most certainly was not from immaculate roots. 

The apostolic citizens in the ranks of the Podemista political caste could only look on with the shared ecstasies of the five thousand. There may, in theory, be no "I" in We Can, but minus Pablo it is questionable if we (or they) would be able or would indeed have been enabled. Podemos is spelt with a big "P", and it stands for Pablo.

The previous day was when Pablo met Albert met Pedro but didn't meet Mariano, who was either washing his hair or had managed to get a note from his mum (no immaculate connotations are known of her either). Instead, they sent the Dancing Queen, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaria Etc., fresh from her recent gyrations to "Uptown Funk You Up" on "El Hormiguero" (the anthill), but which had been eclipsed by the guitar-playing, singing Pablo. It might not have been Paul Weller (unlikely that it would have been given the hair), but here nevertheless was the Modfather of the Political New Wave. Stardust was spread both through the TV debate and in the Palma Arena, and what is more, Ziggy plays guitar.

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