Saturday, June 02, 2007

Restaurant Of The Week

Another bad accident. The highly dangerous junction in Puerto Alcúdia where the bypass joins onto the road between the horse roundabout and the roundabout as one comes into Alcúdia. Even for experienced local road users, this junction is bad news. This lunchtime it claimed more victims. Fact is it isn’t necessarily down to bad driving. The system is at fault, in my opinion. It’s confusing for those who don’t know, traffic comes along at high speed. It is an accident waiting to happen. Well not waiting. Actually happening. Again. Personally I would suggest they put in another roundabout instead, but what do I know.

New feature time for the blog. Restaurant Of The Week. Or maybe it will be Restaurant Of The Day. Depends how I’m feeling. Whatever. Could be Bar Of The Week, Shop Of The Week... you get the drift.

Any road up. Here’s the first one. Utterly at random.

Restaurant Of The Week: Number One in a series - SA TAVERNETA D’ES MOLL

Where: Avda. Gabriel Roca 11, Puerto Alcúdia. Keep going along the Paseo Marítimo towards Alcanada, and it is next to Fujiyama Japanese restaurant.

What: Tapas, Galician food, Good wines.

When: Every day but Mondays.

Who: Davíd the chef and Manu, who some might also know for his DJ-ing at, for instance, what was The Room.

Why: Cool and intimate tapas bar, lovingly converted from what was once a pokey bar. Stone-wall features and table-bars above barrels. Neat thing - Manu brings you the menu on a big blackboard. Everything’s freshly done, and is very keenly priced. Great range of tapas. Manu does English, German, Mallorquin and Castellano (that’s Spanish).

Any impartial recommendation?: You betcha. “Best tapas in Mallorca”. See the comment for Sa Taverneta in the Eat Alcúdia section on


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