Friday, April 27, 2007

If Only You Believed In Miracles

I have witnessed a miracle. Stone effigies weeping? Dead men walking? A handful of fish and loaves becoming more than a mere handful? None of these. Something the more miraculous as it was so unexpected.

Trafico stopped a cyclist who went through a red light.

Maybe I should revise all that stuff about not being a believer. It was a divine moment. Not even Trafico could not have done anything. If you are going to cross a red, it’s always best to do it when a Guardia 4x4 isn’t coming out of the road that has the green. But she did. There is a God after all.

It has been a while since corruption reared its immoral head here, but today news comes of major raids in Palma. I was slightly worried that it was my lawyer who happens to be in the same road as an office raided. Phew.

Anyway, that’s by the bye. Locally, the little local issue involving the ex-mayor of Santa Margalida (done for a spot of less than appropriate behaviour) rumbles on in that the concession for providing sunbeds and parasols on Can Picafort beach is unlikely to be granted this season. Seemingly, the only offer came from someone associated with the former mayor. So, if you are off to Can Pic, you will just have to enjoy getting thoroughly sunburnt and getting a small quarry of sand in your cossies.

Pop quiz update – Geoff says The Who’s song was originally a Motown thing. Come on, you lot, get answering. The group from last time was the amazing Spirit, and the guitarist was Randy California.
We’ve been here before, but the line of this piece’s title is from …?


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