Sunday, February 11, 2007

More Road Non-Sense?

Given the criticism that had been heaped onto the state of the Carretera Arta in Puerto Alcudia, it seems a tad chary to slag it off now that it has been resurfaced. But. In seeking to facilitate pedestrian crossing, there are crossing-point islands, most obviously the one shown here in front of the Ivory Playa hotel. Fine. They are needed. But. The potential problem is that the road narrows to the sides of the islands, cutting out the cycle lanes. I was aware of this problem this morning. There was a line of cyclists. I had to give way. No problem in that, but I fear it might be a problem. Additionally, the island is right by the exits/entries to the Ivory Playa/Campsa Garage and Eroski Syp roads, which means cars turning right or crossing the main road. Maybe there will be pedestrian crossings painted onto the road (not that they really mean much here). Maybe there’ll be speed-calmers. We’ll wait and see. But at the moment, despite the best intentions, I can see this all ending in tears.

And while I’m on the subject. The new roundabouts along the Carretera, while also welcome, have their own problem. The one at the road to Palma for instance. There are two lanes coming towards the roundabout along the main road, but the roundabout is wide enough to accommodate only one line of traffic. Again, especially given the at-best inconsistent behaviour at roundabouts here, I fear problems.

Seems I was quick off the mark in raising the potential environmental disaster that could befall Mallorca as a result of climate change. Based on information from NASA, the consequences of a one-metre rise in sea levels has been plotted on Google maps. Doesn’t make for happy reading. Flooding would reach Sa Pobla and Muro. Worse than I had inferred before. Really, if you’re thinking of buying that lovely villa on the beach, you just might want to think again. Having said this, one metre is an awful lot.

New ownership note: so much for the shortlived ownership of Katie and Marshall at La Placeta in Pollensa. They’re out of there. Harvey’s in.

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