Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Roads / Weather / Corruption / Pizzeria

As mentioned back on 1 and 16 November, the Carretera Arta in Puerto Alcúdia is receiving a bit of a facelift, and - wonders will never cease - the dire road surface is being attended to. At present there are sections of the road that have been resurfaced, and one assumes and hopes that these sections will be joined up, and that drivers won’t any longer have to move all over the road looking for bits that aren’t pitted.

When the hot weather kicks in in spring, it always comes as a bit of surprise; one forgets just how hot it gets after the winter months. And so it is in reverse. After weeks of mild, at times hot, weather, the first blast of chill air comes as a bit of a shock. And so today we have that first blast, with snow forecast on the tops, and a whole bunch of rain. The change in weather coincides with the first of two holiday days this week. Today is constitution day. Somewhat perversely, tomorrow is a normal day, and then Friday is another holiday - for immaculate conception. Accordingly, many opt to make it a three-day holiday; hardly surprising. The thing I don’t get is how come immaculate conception is 8 December? How did that all work?

Andratx update: Jaume Matas, the PP head of the Balearics government, is denying that he had any part in alerting the Andratx officials. Surprise would be if he said he had. Notwithstanding this denial, the opposition is calling for his head and for a statement by the national leader of the PP.

New restaurant mention: there is now a new pizzeria - Pane y Vino - opposite Comics and Little Britain in Puerto Alcúdia.

Wo-aah! What was that I was saying about the weather. It got nice around lunchtime, then mid-afternoon ... Jesus. Back in the safety of home, there was a noise. Thought it was something upstairs. Looked out. A tree from the neighbour’s garden snapped off and right across the road. I got soaked through trying to shift it - too much for one person - when two guys came round the corner and between us we managed to move some of it, and then the fire boys pitched up with their saws. What money on “The Bulletin” wheeling out its regular headline “What A Day / Night” (delete as applicable)?

2001. That was it. 2001. December. The big storm here. Don’t anyone tell you it’s always lovely weather in Mallorca.

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