Thursday, November 16, 2006

Building work / Tourism economics / La Placeta

Winter time. Time for construction.

Most building work is not permitted during the season, so there is always a flurry of activity out of season. Just some of the main bits of work are the development of Alcúdia’s industrial estate, the roundabouts on the Carrtera Arta in Puerto Alcúdia, and the redevelopment of Costa Nord’s offices also in Puerto Alcúdia.

Much of the groundwork for the industrial estate seems to have been done, the road layout now quite discernible; the roundabout at the intersection of Puerto Alcúdia and Playa de Muro has been roughly laid out awaiting its actual construction; the old Costa Nord office has been totally demolished and will be rebuilt. Meantime, the estate agency is in offices on C/. Barques next to Es Cap Roig. One trusts that when the new building is done, one will be able to close the door properly.

More predictions of an even better season next year come from MyTravel and TUI, though the latter concedes that there may be a slight increase in all-inclusive offers.

Another change of ownership to announce, also in Pollensa. La Placeta restaurant is now under Katie and Marshall, and they offer a more British-style menu which looks extremely enticing. The previously rather drab interior has been given a bit of a facelift, largely via the simple expedient of not arranging the tables like in a classroom. There is an altogether lighter feel to the place. And La Placeta does benefit from its position on the small square next to the church. The hotel has not changed hands.

And the weather ... It really has been remarkable. I bumped into Andy from MYCT (Mallorca Yacht Charter Training) today, and he was in flip-flops and t-shirt. But word is tomorrow it all changes.

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