Monday, May 09, 2016

The Colour Purple: Podemos

"All good socialist citizens of the Balearics, I call on you to lay down your red flags and follow the colour purple." These weren't the exact words of Alberto Jarabo but they catch the essence of Alberto's desire for the Purple Rain of Podemos to persist all over the Partido Popular and PSOE: a purple shower, one might say. "You say you want a leader, but you can't seem to make up your mind, I think you better close it, and let me guide you to the purple rain." These were Prince's words, and now the prince of Balearic Podemosism has recognised the doubts in voters' minds and so has sought to make their minds up for them: vote for the party with the purple colour, Vota Podemos!, Vota Iglesias! If you are a socialist, that is. Oh, and if you actually have a vote.

Neither PSOE in the Balearics nor PSOE nationally can overcome the Partido Popular and lead a government of change, our own Dave Spart droned on. These were his actual words: "We invite the socialists of the islands to vote for Podemos." Yes, all invited to the party - Podemos not PSOE. Whatever must Francina have been thinking? One of her partners in Balearic government of change had made it clear that PSOE cannot lead a government of change. Oh dear.

Somewhere in Francina's sweet and friendly land La Presidenta was waffling on about the stability of her government (of change or otherwise) and consensus, dialogue, blah, blah, but her left-hand woman, the newly installed minister for the presidency, Pilar Costa, had been having none of any possible Spartist socialist vote-grab. Ms. Coast, also now the chief government spokesperson, has in the past shown that her speaking can cause a slight issue, such as when she referred to José Maria Rodríguez, the boss of the PP in Palma as ... er, as the boss. But she specifically used the word "capo", as in mafia boss. José Maria was from impressed, and so off they went to a conciliation tribunal, a bit like a court for consensus and dialogue.

Anyway, Ms. Coast had, prior to the Jarabo purple revolution declaration, suggested that it would be a "serious mistake" were there to be an alliance between Podemos and the Més-ites which would have as its greater priority a defeat of PSOE rather than the PP. Subsequent to Alberto's socialist call to arms, PSOE, including Ms. Coast, went quiet other than for another of Francina's left-hand women, election campaign organiser, Bel Oliver, to assert that the "citizens" have a further opportunity (on 26 June) to put an end to the PP government. Yes, they do. By voting for Podemos.

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