Friday, November 03, 2006

End of season / Lu-Lu’s / Pollensa Fair

The season over, and the weather just seems to have given up. Nothing dramatic, just a sudden slip into the middling grey mixed with some sun that can be something of the norm, temperatures down to about 18 degrees. At least the mosquitoes seem to have pissed off, for which one should be extremely grateful. They were barely about for most of the summer, but in September and October they made up for their earlier inactivity in a frenzy of biting, though there appears to be little evidence that the tiger mosquito has crossed the seas from the mainland - yet.

For some, the season’s end is a new experience. Kevin at JKs in Puerto Pollensa was saying how places like the Miramar hotel were open one moment and then suddenly closed the next and there was nobody around. It is a curious thing - the season’s end; for those of us living here it does take a bit of adjustment from the constant bustle of the previous seven months. It is almost like a bereavement: one moment it’s there, the next moment it’s gone, but life still carries on.

A change of ownership in Pollensa. The former Tetera, then The Tavern and 7 under Darren, and more recently still 7 under “Military Intelligence” Tony, has transformed itself into Lu-Lu’s Bistro, with Chris and Lucy. And very nice it looks, too. A new menu and a cosy feel should make it go well during the winter months.

One beef that has knocked around on this blog has been the lack of promotional material in different languages produced by the town halls. Absence of languages and absence of material at all, at least in the case of Pollensa’s fair, which is coming up. I spied a copy of a little brochure in Pollensa’s Cafë L’Illa, but it was the only they had, so I had to take my dirty paws off of it. So, I trooped round to the tourist office and asked Pep for a copy. He didn’t have one; nor could he find anything on the marvellous (!?) town hall website. Hey ho. Anyway, when and if I get one I’ll translate it and shove the info onto

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