Thursday, July 03, 2014

Hear No Evil ... Mallorcan La-La

The three wise monkeys are associated with being of good mind and action. One turns a blind eye and sees no evil. Another says nothing bad of others. He speaks no evil. The third will not listen to the less than good. He refuses to hear any evil. The three monkeys, virtuous though they are, might also be considered to be somewhat naïve. They prefer a world that is idealistic. It is one with realities removed. The monkeys, it might be said, live in an unreal La-La Land: one of the three in particular, he who hears no evil. He covers his ears like a kid. La-la, I can't hear you, I can't hear you.

The three wise monkeys have Japanese names. They all end with a "u". They become, through translation, "los tres monos". A monkey, a wise one or any other one, is a four-letter word, mono. Substitute the vowels and you have a different four-letter word. Manu. Hear no evil. La-la, I can't hear you.

Mayor Onieva of Calvia speaks no evil. Or hadn't. It is because he sees and especially hears no evil. La-la. Rather than evil, he speaks of there not being a lack of security in Calvia. He must be right. The three wise monkeys are virtuous, they have right on their side. Perhaps in the village of Calvia, home to the town hall, there is no security issue. Elsewhere in the municipality, there is. But everything is fine. Manu says so. He can speak no evil, just as he can hear no evil and, one imagines, never sees any evil. In Calvia village there is no evil.

Then suddenly, social media forces him to see evil and thus speak it. He condemns a video in which a "girl" is giving a bunch of blokes blowjobs during the course of a pub crawl. He expresses his disgust, demands an investigation. Quite right, and what else could he do? The world can see the evil and speak of it on social networks. There is no denying it.

Yet, why is he surprised? Eighteen months earlier, blowjobs were a feature of the infamous BBC documentary, the one in which at its end Manu explained that he wasn't a magician. He didn't like the documentary. It spoke of evil, the world could see the evil. But the documentary rather than its contents was what was condemned.

This has been a shocking few days in some ways. Did you know that a tourist hanged himself in Alcúdia? At the Club Mac? Some people in Alcúdia know. You can't keep that sort of thing quiet, however much you might want to. Perhaps it was as well that it was Alcúdia. Had it been Magalluf, then the world would doubtless have known. In Alcúdia, it was kept as quiet as is possible when so many people knew anyway. Speak no evil. Hear no evil.

In San Antonio in Ibiza, they have been alerted to the existence of Methylenedioxypyrovalerone for some while. MDPV, to give it its acronym, is known also as the Cannibal drug. It would be flippant but it might also be the Luis Suarez drug. Biting someone isn't the only consequence of use that can cause unprovoked and random acts of violence. In Ibiza, a police officer's hand was bitten in a struggle involving a user. It required eight officers to finally restrain him. In Magalluf, where else, the first reported case of violence resulting from taking Cannibal has occurred. It is as well that there is no lack of security in Calvia. Eight officers at a time.

Yet also in San Antonio, the town hall there, in collaboration with the British Consulate, felt there was a need to issue a leaflet which warned of the risks of going home alone at night. It could cost you your life. Businesses, hoteliers were up in arms. Hear no evil. They demanded that the leaflet be withdrawn. Bad for image. Hear no evil. If there's some head case who has dropped some MDPV rushing in your general direction, just be careful though. And not only in San Antonio. In Magalluf, too. Where else?

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Turning a blind eye. Burying heads in sand. The sand of La-La Land. See nothing that might create a bad image, hear nothing that might shatter the illusion of unreality. Speak nothing of anything that might spread the word of image that is other than wondrous. Do nothing, therefore. Cover the eyes, cover the ears, cover the mouth, and shake the head. La-la, I can't see you, I can't hear you, I can't speak to you. 

All you want is for there to be wise monkeys. Truly wise monkeys. Those who will admit what is being seen, heard and spoken of. Then might come action.

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